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Cognitive Brainmapping Facilities

The CBIC is operated by Caltech's Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Researchers from HSS, the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering (BBE), the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE), and others use the CBIC's state-of-the-art MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners to conduct research studies of the brain and its mechanisms. The CBIC facility houses four High-Field MR systems & a variety of project support facilities. Cognitive Brainmapping research projects are conducted, using a Siemens 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner, in a dedicated human subjects fMRI laboratory.

3-Tesla Siemens 64-channel Prisma: Siemens Prisma 3 Tesla MR scanner: Full body scanner with 20 channel, and 32 channel, and 64 channel phased-array headcoils.

0-Tesla Pre-training Mockup: The Zero-Tesla training room has duplicates of most the visual stimulus equipment used in the 3T scan room.

EEG/TMS Lab: EEG/TMS, Brain Stimulation & Behavior Lab, is a space that offers a flexible environment for a wide range of imaging center related experiments.

fMRI Resourses: A variety of cognitive brainmapping project support equipment and supplies, such as Eye-tracking, 3D motion-capture, and olfaction stimulus hardware are available to users of the human subjects fMRI lab.

On site specimen-preparation/chemistry lab for CBIC projects.

On site coil-building/electronics lab for CBIC projects.